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2010 Changes to New York Divorce Laws with Henry Berman, Esq.

There Are 5 Major Changes to NY Divorce Law Effective October 2010

The summer of 2010 may be remembered by many Family Law practitioners as the “Historic Summer of Legislation” that forever changed how matrimonial law is practiced in New York State. There have been five major changes that are effective on October 12 and 13, 2010:

  1. Significant changes effectuating child support modification;
  2. “No-Fault” Divorce;
  3. The new Counsel Fee Bill that addresses payment of attorneys’ fees;
  4. New procedures for setting awards of temporary maintenance while a divorce is pending; and
  5. Limited grounds for which orders of protection may be denied, or applications for such orders may be dismissed.

Many of these changes include significant financial implications. According to New York Governor David Paterson, in addition to bringing New York’s divorce laws into the 21st Century, “These bills fix a broken process that produced extended and contentious litigation, poisoned feelings between the parties, and harmed the interests of those persons—too often women—who did not have sufficient financial wherewithal to protect their legal rights.”

In this broadcast of Forensic Perspectives, forensic accounting expert Mark S. Gottlieb discusses these changes with matrimonial attorney Henry Berman.

About Our Guest

Henry Berman is the managing partner of the matrimonial law firm Berman Bavero Frucco and Gouz P.C. located in White Plains, New York.  Mr. Berman’s professional distinctions include being listed in Best Lawyers in America, Matrimonial Law and selected as one of the Ten Leaders in Matrimonial Law in the Ninth Judicial District.

Mr. Berman is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. He also served as Vice President and Executive Committee Member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers New York Chapter.