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The Ongoing Battle Against COVID Relief Fraud

Forensic Accounting

June 13, 2024

The Hunt for Hidden Cash in Closely-Held Businesses

Business Valuation

May 31, 2024

New York City business valuation professionals

Forensic Accounting Firms, New York City, Mark S. Gottlieb, CPA PC

By handling the intricate financial aspects of your cases, we allow attorneys to focus on their core strengths.

MSG’s New York City-based experts excel in unraveling complex financial issues so you can remain one step ahead of your adversary. Our dedicated approach ensures you are well-equipped to navigate the financial landscape before you and secure a strategic edge.

We solve financial mysteries & address so attorneys and their clients can confidently make informed decisions. We don’t just give an opinion of value; we provide value to each engagement.

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We Solve Financial Puzzles for Your Legal Success

MSG has the answers to lead you through the financial maze of each engagement.

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You’ve just acquired a new case, and you immediately find yourself confronted with its financial hurdles.

Our contribution spans diverse aspects of the case, from developing document requests, preparing interrogatories, conducting interviews and site visits – to testifying at trial. As expert witnesses, we simplify complex financial matters, offering insights that resonate across legal proceedings and create a comprehensive understanding.

Our role isn’t just about numbers – it’s about clarity and precision that resonates with judges, juries, and opposing counsel. We’re your strategic partner, assisting you in maneuvering financial intricacies for effective legal outcomes.

As expert witnesses, we not only translate complex financial matters into sharply focused concepts but help tie all the financial issues into one comprehensible package.

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How much is that business worth?

MSG can tell you.

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forensic accounting, taxation, and economics

Our forensic accounting, tax, and economic acumen ranks us highly among the top business valuation firms in New York City and the Tri-State area. We have over thirty-three years of experience and extensive resources to provide accurate and in-depth business valuation analysis.

Attorneys frequently consult with us to determine a business’s value in various circumstances, such as shareholder disputes, partner disputes, earn-out disputes, income tax matters, divorce, and other litigation matters.

Our commitment to providing a comprehensive, individualized opinion of value ensures you receive an accurate and insightful assessment that forms the foundation for your strategic decisions. We recognize that we are not just providing a number – but rather a road map for you to make sound decisions, especially in matters concerning complex litigation.

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NYC Forensic Accountants With A National Reach

MSG can design and implement a forensic accounting investigation tailored to your specific needs.

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New York City based certified forensic accountants

Our seasoned, credentialed forensic accountants empower attorneys and their clients with comprehensive financial services that unravel mysteries, resolve disputes, and foster confident, informed decisions. Our investigations uncover missing assets, fund transfers, underreporting of income, expense overstatements, and asset dissipation.

Attorneys nationwide regularly engage us to meticulously review financial records, interviews of parties, and inspection of business premises.

Our team’s skillset brings clarity to complex financial situations and contributes to building a strong legal strategy.

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Contact Our Firm

We are here to serve as a valuable member of your litigation team.

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30+ Years Serving Attorneys And Their Clients

Since forming MSGCPA, I have led a team of highly qualified professionals conducting forensic accounting examinations, independent business and professional practice valuations, post-transaction dispute resolution services, and a continuum of financial and economic analyses.

Our team is trained to leave no stone unturned when examining financial data, ensuring material irregularities are identified. This commitment to detail is evident in every case we handle.

We provide support that extends well beyond our office walls, delivering compelling testimony and assisting with reports, depositions, and trial preparation. By collaborating with attorneys and their clients, we provide insights, analysis, and advice to strengthen your case.

I am immensely proud of the relationships with the legal community that we have developed over the years. I know you rely on us, not just as service providers but as partners in your legal pursuits.

Connect with me for a 15-minute call, and we can address the specifics of your case.

-  Mark S. Gottlieb, CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA, CVA, CBA, MST
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