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New York City business valuation professionals

Forensic Accounting Firms, New York City, Mark S. Gottlieb, CPA PC

In today’s litigious world attorneys often rely upon credentialed experts to analyze complex financial, tax, and accounting issues that challenge their cases’ desired outcomes. An expert opinion is only worth something if it is supported by a transparent and credible analysis expressed by proven professional methodologies.

MSG’s New York City business valuation professionals excel in analyzing cumbersome data to prepare and present financial models tailored to your needs so you remain one step ahead of your adversary.  Our attention to detail allows you to focus on the law and the things you do best.

We don’t just provide an opinion of value; we bring value to each engagement.

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What financial issues are your biggest litigation challenge?

MSG has the answers to lead you through the financial maze of each engagement.

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You’ve just acquired a new case and you immediately find yourself confronted with pressing financial issues.

As litigation support experts in business valuation, forensic accounting, and financial investigations, we take attorneys step-by-step through the various intricacies that bedevil each case. With our assistance, New York City and Tri-State attorneys have the unparalleled ability to present and address financial issues in a clear, organized, and strategic manner.

We are commonly involved in various aspects of the case, from developing document requests, preparing interrogatories, conducting interviews and site visits, to testifying at trial.

As expert witnesses, we not only translate complex financial matters into sharply focused concepts but help tie all the financial issues into one comprehensible package.

litigation support experts
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How much is that business worth?

MSG can tell you.

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forensic accounting, taxation, and economics

You need to determine how much a business is worth, but where do you begin? How do you analyze the finances and complex affairs that make up a business? How do you incorporate all this information to support an opinion of value? The answers to these questions can be found in forming a relationship with our firm.

Our knowledge of forensic accounting, taxation, and economics ranks us highly among the top business valuation firms in New York City and the Tri-State area. We have over a quarter-century of experience and extensive resources to provide an accurate and in-depth valuation analysis. Every business, like every person, is unique. At MSG, each engagement is planned to address the specific purpose of the analysis to provide the most meaningful and accurate conclusion.

Attorneys regularly consult us to determine a business’ value in a variety of circumstances, such as shareholder/partner disputes, income tax matters, succession and management planning, and divorce.

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What is unknown may change the course of your litigation.

MSG can design and implement a forensic investigation to address your specific needs.

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New York City based certified forensic accountants

As forensic and investigative accounting experts, we decipher and uncover transactions and personnel activities that may have intentionally or unintentionally adversely affected an individual, business, or organization. Our findings’ clarity and credibility provide our clients with the evidence needed to support their case.

The role of our New York City based certified forensic accountants and investigative accounting team varies by project, circumstance, and purpose. We investigate business transactions, economic crimes, and civil litigation matters, and perform specialized audits. These services also help identify missing assets, fund transfers, underreporting of income, overstating of expenses, and in some instances, dissipation of assets.

Attorneys regularly engage us to conduct background investigations, review public records, interview parties, analyze physical evidence to identify possible forgeries or document tampering, inspect and surveil business premises, and review business records to identify fictitious vendors, employees, and/or business activities, to name a few.

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We are here to serve as a valuable member of your litigation team.

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“Our website provides legal professionals in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut the tools needed to handle matters involving financial conflicts.

This site is filled with industry studies, technical whitepapers, and other practice aids to assist even the most experienced practitioner.  In addition, our blog, podcast and video library will help you keep abreast of important issues and trends. Please feel free to visit our site often, as we are always adding more resources to assist you.

Now that you have learned about our firm’s experience and capabilities we hope you will see that we can be a valuable resource to you and your clients.”

-  Mark S. Gottlieb, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA,CBA, MST
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