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Practice Areas

Expert Testimony

New York City Forensic Accountant Expert Testimony

We play a critical role in the litigation process and are committed to offering comprehensive, reliable, and persuasive expert testimony to support our professional opinion. Our seasoned, credentialed forensic accountants and business valuation experts blend technical mastery with effective communication skills, delivering expert testimony that resonates with judges, juries, and opposing counsel.

There are many instances of why you would require a forensic accountant expert testimony. Here are just a few of the reasons attorneys and their clients retain our assistance:

  • Asset Tracing
  • Discovery Assistance
  • Financial Analysis
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Professional Malpractice

Financial Analysis and Reporting

With a meticulous approach, our skilled experts thoroughly examine financial data, skillfully uncovering any irregularities and indications of fraudulent activities. Our services include creating concise reports meticulously tailored to the trier of fact in grasping the nuances of intricate financial matters.

This meticulous process ensures no stone is left unturned, illuminating the path to a more robust and insightful legal discourse.

Forensic Accountant Expert Testimony & Litigation Support

MSG delivers compelling testimony and assists with reports, depositions, and trial preparation. Collaborating with legal teams, we provide insights, analysis, and advice to strengthen cases. Having testified in several different states as well as federal courts, we additionally review opposing reports, conduct thorough financial investigations, and provide assistance in negotiations.

At MSG, our commitment to professionalism and accuracy makes us a trusted partner for legal professionals seeking expert financial testimony. Contact us today to strengthen your legal approach with accuracy and integrity.