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Litigation Support

New York City Litigation Support

You just started preparing for a new case and you immediately find yourself confronted with complex financial, tax, and accounting issues. You don’t need to tackle these problems alone.

At MSG, we excel in sorting through cumbersome data, and organizing and quantifying it into pertinent financial information you can easily use for a case. As experts in business valuation, forensic accounting, and financial investigations, we take attorneys step-by-step through the various intricacies that riddle each case. Our crucial involvement allows these issues to be addressed before they become serious obstacles in litigation. With our support, attorneys have the unparalleled ability to present and address financial issues in a clear, organized, and strategic manner.

An Indispensable Support Team

MSG’s efforts before trial are as important as the trial itself. Without prior consultation with our litigation support experts, an attorney may be overwhelmed and underprepared in the courtroom. Our experts provide support in the discovery process by developing document requests, help prepare interrogatories and conduct interviews, assist in pretrial depositions, and review and critique opposing counsel’s financial expert’s records thoroughly. In all facets of a financial case, MSG’s New York City based litigation support team is indispensable.

However, our support is not limited to pretrial preparation. MSG also provides expert witness testimony. For more on this aspect of our litigation support services, visit the Expert Testimony page. We consistently provide the guidance attorneys require to present their case and the tools to put them on the path to success.

Key Issues in Litigation Support

  • Communicate accounting, tax, and economic concepts in a clear and user-friendly manner.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the opposition’s position.
  • Utilize technology to present theory and conclusions.