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New York City Financial Arbitration Services

There are times when a business dispute is directly focused on financial issues. In these instances, a strenuous court battle may become a time-consuming and expensive endeavor that may not lead to an efficient resolution to your matter. Depending on the specifics of your case, financial arbitration may be an effective alternative for you and your client. Arbitration offers a streamlined process that can often lead to quicker resolutions compared to traditional litigation.

Choosing MSG for Financial Arbitration

Arbitration through MSG not only ensures a resolution that is tailored to the unique financial aspects of your case but also provides a more confidential and flexible forum for both parties involved.

Aside from being a credentialed business valuation and forensic accounting expert, Mark S. Gottlieb is also a seasoned and credentialed arbitrator with a proven track record in facilitating fair and impartial dispute resolutions. With his deep understanding of financial intricacies and his experience in guiding parties toward consensus, Mark is well-equipped to navigate complex financial disputes in an arbitration setting.

If you have a case that you feel will best be served in an arbitration setting, please schedule a call with Mark at our office. His expertise and dedication to equitable solutions will help you navigate the complexities of financial disputes efficiently and effectively.