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Business Valuation

New York City Business Valuation Firm With A National Reach

Every business is a unique blend of financial, operational, and market presence. A business valuation requires a thorough approach considering past achievements, future projections, market trends, and potential risks.

At MSG, we bring unrivaled expertise to our valuations, merging financial acumen and investigative insight to unveil a creditable opinion of value. We have over thirty years of experience and extensive resources to provide an accurate and in-depth valuation.

The Forensic Advantage

Unlike traditional valuation firms, our forensic skills add a layer of meticulous scrutiny to the process. Our experienced credentialed forensic accountants and business valuation experts possess a keen eye for detail and an uncanny ability to unearth hidden complexities.

With a deep understanding of financial anomalies and potential irregularities, we delve into the subject’s financial data to ensure our report is not just a number but a comprehensive assessment of its true worth.

A Business Valuation Analysis Tailored to Your Needs

At MSG, we understand that every business, and its valuation analysis, is unique. That’s why we take an individual approach to the valuation process, ensuring that our services align precisely with your specific needs and objectives.

By recognizing the uniqueness of each business and the purpose of the valuation engagement, we ensure that our work product exceeds your expectations, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions with clarity and precision.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to providing a comprehensive, individualized opinion of value ensures you receive an accurate and insightful assessment that forms the foundation for your strategic decisions. We recognize that we are not just providing a number – but rather a road map for you to make sound decisions, particularly in matters concerning litigation.

There are many instances why you would require a business valuation. Here are just a few of the reasons attorneys and their clients retain our assistance:

  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Earn Out Disputes
  • Gift & Estate Matters
  • Matrimonial Actions

Contact us here for more information about the business valuation process and how we can assist you.