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An Attorney’s Guide to Understanding Business Valuation Standards

Reputations and public perception are often associated with performance and adherence to rules that govern an activity. Lance Armstrong, once the darling of cycling, is expected to lose more than $50 million dollars of future sponsorships and endorsements as a result of his admissions to violating his sport’s standards. Many also believe that his well-documented doping activities will leave him stripped of a once untarnished professional reputation. Armstrong is not alone; there have been many other examples of people purposely violating their professions’ standards in an attempt to gain an upper-hand.

Business valuation analysts are held to certain standards established by their credentialing organizations. Ultimately, these standards are intended to secure the credibility and quality to their work-product. Working with a credentialed business valuation analyst that adheres to these standards is important to both attorneys and their clients.

In our current whitepaper, “An Attorney’s Guide To Understanding Business Valuation Standards,” Mark S. Gottlieb outlines the organizations and premises of their professional standards. Attorneys need to be familiar with these standards so that they can illustrate the credibility of their expert, or better understand the possible deficiencies of opposing professional opinions.

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