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Forensic Accounting

New York City Forensic Accountants With A National Reach

As seasoned credentialed forensic accountants, we specialize in providing comprehensive financial services that empower attorneys and their clients to unravel financial mysteries, resolve disputes, and make informed decisions with unwavering confidence.

Our Expertise in Forensic Process

At MSG, our New York City forensic accountants bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the litigation table. We excel in:

  • Forensic Audits and Investigations: Our meticulous approach involves scrutinizing financial records, identifying irregularities, and uncovering potential fraud. We unearth hidden economic truths essential in legal proceedings, disputes, or internal investigations.
  • Financial Due Diligence: Whether you’re contemplating a merger, acquisition, or investment, our forensic accountants conduct comprehensive due diligence to assess the company for potential red flags. Our insights provide a clear picture of financial risks and opportunities.
  • Business Valuation: We specialize in determining the true value of businesses, considering many factors such as historical performance, future projections, industry trends, and potential risks. Our expert business valuation reports serve as a foundation for your critical decision-making.
  • Litigation Support:  We offer crucial support in legal proceedings by analyzing financial data, preparing expert reports, and providing testimony. We distill complex financial matters into clear, concise language that is easily understandable in court.
  • Financial Fraud Investigation and Detection: Our proactive approach helps businesses identify financial fraud. We assess internal controls, identify vulnerabilities, and implement measures to mitigate risks.

Forensic Accounting Expertise

There are many instances why you would require a forensic accounting investigation. Here are just a few of the reasons attorneys and their clients retain our assistance:

  • Business transaction investigations
  • Tax investigations
  • Economic crime investigations
  • Civil litigation support
  • Divorce cases
  • Terrorist Investigations
  • Specialized audit

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