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Divorce During An Economic Downturn with Sherri Donovan, Esq.

Divorce is Never Easy and in Hard Economic Times, It is Especially Challenging

The current economic downturn has affected many aspects of family and matrimonial law. Now, when couples are seriously considering divorce, it is more important than ever for them to carefully consider their options and think about their financial situation in its entirety. Divorce is never easy and in hard economic times, it is especially challenging.

In this broadcast of Forensic Perspectives, forensic accounting expert Mark S. Gottlieb speaks with matrimonial attorney Sherri Donovan as to how attorneys and their clients are dealing with these economic issues.

About Our Guest

Sherri Donovan of Sherri Donovan & Associates PC practices matrimonial law in New York City. She is a seasoned litigator, negotiator, politician and much sought after writer and lecturer. Sherri is also the author of Hit Him Where It Hurts—The Take No Prisoners Guide To Divorce, a comprehensive book on divorce.