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Initial Documents For A Divorce with Eric Broder, Esq.

Obtaining a Clear Understanding of the Couples’ Finances May be a Divorce Attorney’s First Objective

Reaching a divorce settlement can often be a difficult journey. Often, it is the most stressful time in one’s life; however, if approached correctly the divorce process can proceed in a human fashion.

The first crucial step in any divorce action is for the professionals involved to obtain a clear understanding of the couple’s financial components.  This objective includes learning who earns what, and what the assets and liabilities of the couple are at the time they have decided to divorce.

Whether the divorcing couple is of modest or extreme means this process of obtaining information and documents from each spouse as well as non-parties such as employers, banks and physicians, etc. should not be overlooked.

In this broadcast of Forensic Perspectives, forensic accounting expert Mark S. Gottlieb speaks with family law attorney Eric Broder, Esq. regarding what initial records matrimonial attorneys obtain from those contemplating divorce.

About Our Guest

Eric Broder is a partner with Broder & Orland LLC in Westport, Connecticut. Mr. Broder represents clients in complex matrimonial litigation as well as premarital agreements, custody and visitation issues, to name a few. In addition, Eric also serves as a Special Master in the Family Division of the Stamford and Bridgeport Superior Courts.