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Divorce Mediation with Alan S. Rubenstein, Esq.

The Mediation & Collaborative Law Process in a Material Dissolution

A marital dissolution can be difficult and painful even in the best case scenario.  At worst, it can have a profound effect on the divorcing spouses and their children. The traditional approach to divorce involves the court system’s involvement, which often leads to a higher emotional and financial cost to everyone involved.

Recently, many parties have sought mediation as an alternative process to terminate a marriage.  Mediation has become a viable option for resolving the many challenges of divorce. It may not be suitable for every marital dissolution, but many attorneys, and even the court system, have become increasingly aware of its benefits.

In this broadcast of Forensic Perspectives, forensic accounting expert Mark S. Gottlieb speaks with family law attorney Alan S. Rubenstein about the mediation and collaborative divorce process.

About Our Guest

Attorney Alan S. Rubenstein is with the firm Halloran & Sage located in Westport, Connecticut. Alan focuses his practice on family law, collaborative divorce, divorce mediation, the litigation of all divorce-related matters, and the representation of children.  Alan attended both Brooklyn and Yale Law School, and is a member of both the Connecticut and New York Bar Associations.