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The great American writer Mark Twain once said, "There are two times when you should not speculate - when you can afford it, and when you can't."

Our team of certified forensic accountants roll up their sleeves and dig deep to disclose the less obvious. With our help, our clients move from the realm of speculation to one of certainty. As forensic and investigative accounting experts, we decipher and uncover those transactions and personnel activities that may have intentionally or unintentionally adversely affected an individual, business, or organization. The clarity and credibility of our findings provide our clients with the evidence needed to pursue the truth. This process can employ one or more of the following techniques:

  • Review of public records
  • Background investigations
  • Interview knowledgeable parties
  • Analyze physical evidence to identify possible forgery and/or document alterations
  • Surveillance & inspection of business premises
  • Analysis of individual financial transactions or statements
  • Business record reviews to identify fictitious vendors, employees and/or business activities

The role of our New York City based certified forensic accountants and investigative accounting team varies by project, circumstance, and purpose. We can help you with: business transaction investigations, tax investigations, economic crime investigations, terrorist investigations, civil litigation support, and specialized audits. In divorce cases, these services assist the attorney in identifying: missing assets, transfers of funds, underreporting of sales and income, and search for dissipation of marital assets.

Key Issues in Forensic Investigations

  • Examine a specific transaction or group of transactions.
  • Identify possible off-balance sheets or hidden assets.
  • Detect possible fraud by applying analytical tools & techniques.

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